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Second post! :D
iero, mcr, frank
Well hello again :)

Thanks to zory22, pushupsindragg (nice lyric choice there ;) ), mrscaitlyniero and xexplodystuffsx for adding me as a friend! I thought when I got on this site I'd be lonely as I don't know anyone on here, but you certainly proved me wrong there guys!

Well, we had band practise last night, and we're getting a new lead guitarist on Saturday who was previously in a local band called King and Eye (who I admit I never listened to before), but he separated from them due to creative differences, and hopefully will be joining Slaying Hearts! We have nearly finished a song Ashleigh wrote called 'Broken Glass', which starts with "Every time I try to talk to you, it's like playing with broken glass" and I have showcased my new riff ideas to the band, who are really excited in the direction that we are going :) The next practise is on Saturday, as I say, so I will update with the latest news sometime during the weekend :D.
I live in England, obviously, and as you are probably aware through Fox News if you are American, or BBC News if you are English, there is a royal wedding tomorrow, between William and Kate. The whole country have the day off as a bank holiday, and schools are not in session, which gives me longer to practise playing my guitars, and I should probably do some revising as next month I take my end-of-school exams! The wedding, if you want to read about it, has its own website, which is very straightforward in its name -

Well, I don't really know what else to write about, so until next time!


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